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We are going to use a windows based machine and load tftp/dhcp software on it which will make our windows machine a server for our phones. Go here to download the tftp/dhcp server – Download and install version 3.23 ( a.Now, there are a few things to consider when upgrading 7940/7960 cisco phones (these steps below dont apply to the 79×1/79×2/79×5 java based phones, if you have one of these, just do steps d. But the rule of thumb, is that if you have SCCP on your phone youll need to use a xml file to specify the firmware load information tag by which the phone can know what load it should install.The phone will then wipe the flash and load whatever firmware is specified in the tftpd32 directory – if the phone just keeps downloading the term.defaults file constantly, just do an incremental upgrade to the firmware version that you want).This will clear all settings on the phone and set it to defaults.The phone will automatically switch over to loading the SIP firmware.You can check the events viewer within tftpd32 to ensure that the phone is grabbing the necessary files and getting an ip address.For the rest of this guide I will just assume you want to convert SCCP to SIP. The easiest way to get SIP on your phone is to install a universal application bootloader.

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When physically installing an SRE module, CCME will automatically make two additional interfaces available in its configuration.Users interested can also visit our Cisco Vo IP/CCME - Call Manager Section where they'll find more articles covering Cisco Vo IP, Call Manager, Call Manager Express and Unity Express.For the SRE-300, the module’s interface name is interface ISM0/0, whereas for the SM-SRE-700 it is service-module sm2/0.The phone should find that it needs to upgrade itself until you stop editing the file with new firmware information. After the phone gets to SCCP version 8.0.9, all you have to do is just download the version of SIP firmware you want, and then extract it into a seperate directory.Point the tftpd32 program to use that directory, copy the xml file to that directory and edit the load Information tag with the POS-xxx filename which is located in that directory and reboot the phone.

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