Updating iweb site

If a website starts with https:// it means no encryption is happening and everything is being sent using plain text.If a website is using https:// then the data is encrypted and it is impossible for anyone to see the data that is being transferred.This will keep from re-publishing every file and only publish files that changes were made to.Due to the way i Web publishes via ftp, the above directions actually have you set the "Site name" to the "Directory/Path", and leave the"Directory/Path" blank.Once you have an SSL certificate you need to forward your old http website to the new https website.

This tutorial will walk you through publishing your website with i Web to your web hosting account.An XML Sitemap will make a list of all of your web pages, along with important meta information like the last updated date, how frequently your web pages are updated and a few more details.It is important to create an XML Sitemap file with your new https:// URL and submit it to your Google Search Console account. You can make one that just lists your web pages, or you can also make a more complex one that includes the meta details discussed above.Information like which website you are visiting, keywords you use in Google, details you enter in a contact form and more are transferred between computers.Normally, without encryption, this data is transferred in plain text.

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