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The comment came after now sports commentator Aikman criticized the receiver for a pass that he missed during a game, but the retaliation may just add fuel to an already smoke filled fire.

Troy Aikman was the number one draft pick out of college and legendary coach Jimmy Johnson brought him on board to help out the then struggling Dallas team.

And, you'd send a message to Americans that speaking out against gay people will get you hurt.

I always thought it was funny that Lorrie Morgan stated that troy Aikman was the love of her life.

Troy Aikman, a former American football quarterback, who spent 12 years of his career playing for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League. Troy played in twelve consecutive seasons for the Cowboys as a quarterback.

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B-Lloyd "Speculates" About Troy Aikman (DC Sports Bog) "I Knew He Was Queer!

During his tenure at the club, the exceptional player was a pro Bowler 6 times and brought three Super Bowl championships back to Dallas.

His good looks and raw talent always made him a fan favorite, but also sparked rumors that he was a homosexual.

Back in 1996 he stated in his book "Hell Bent" that Troy Aikman was gay.

It was kind of funny when Lloyd said it, but be careful B.....

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