Sexbots to worship chat rooms

Hefner reimagined the American male as a connoisseur in the continental manner, a man who enjoyed all the fine pleasures of life, including sex.

Hefner brilliantly put sex into a continuum of appreciative response to jazz, to art, to ideas, to fine food. Enjoying fine cuisine had always been considered unmanly in America.

With the sexes so bored with each other, all that's left are these feminist witch-hunts. And American women don't know what they want any longer.

In general, French women — the educated, middle-class French women, I mean — seem to have a feminine composure, a distinct sense of themselves as women, which I think women in America have gradually lost as they have won job equality in our high-pressure career system.

Nature drives every species to procreate, although not necessarily when there's overpopulation!

Gloria Steinem has said that what doesn't know about well-educated, upper-middle-class women with bitter grievances against men could fill a book!

I instantly recognized and understood it in Trump because I had always been an admirer of Hefner's sexual cosmos.

I can certainly see how retrograde and nostalgic it is, but at the same time I maintain that even in the photos that My 1960s generation was the gender-bending generation — we were all about blending the genders in fashion and attitude.

The unhappy truth is that the more the sexes have blended, the less each sex is interested in the other.Some say that the women in What do you think about the fact that Trump's childhood hero and model of sophisticated American masculinity was Hefner?Before the election, I kept pointing out that the mainstream media based in Manhattan, particularly aesthetic, including the glitzy world of casinos and beauty pageants.The anything-goes, free-love atmosphere — illustrated by all that hedonistic rolling around in the mud at Woodstock in 1969 — made the suave Hefner style seem old-fashioned and buttoned up.Nevertheless, I have always taken the position that the men's magazines — from the glossiest and most sophisticated to the rawest and raunchiest — represent the brute reality of sexuality. It is not a sexist twisting of the facts of life but a kind of peephole into the roiling, primitive animal energies that are at the heart of sexual attraction and desire.

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