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R an i'll tell you somthing else we saw tonight we saw a first tonight on live TV we saw two cunt's get circumcised KING an by the way J.

maria was yelling insult's at layla an layla ran after her an follow her in to a dark storage room an some one atacked her from behind.

mchcell was in the ring looking on with confussion at what was happening then mickie jamez music hit an she got a huge pop from the crowd they cheered relly loud an she skiped to the ring in her sighnture school girl skirt an acidentaly revealed a litle camel toe as the match began mickie took at straight to mchcell stomping her in the turn bukles an then running in to mchsheel boot but micking then agian quilckly counter it by siting up on the turn buckles an wrapping her thick smoth legs an thigh's around mchcools head an giving her a hurricaneranna a litle while latter mchshell regain the advantige by kicking mickie right in the cunt an then psycotacly laughing about it. SHH Maria siad hey mchcool I know I siad I had a surprise for you tonight AN I do but you know me an mickie was thinking what do you get the two bitchs who have nearly every thing we thought maby a soul but I don't know where you would get one of those I mean do you know you should since you like destroying them so much but never mind all that so i was thinking you two "DIVAS" like to stay up on the curent trend's don't you?

so you know what cole you don't need to be asking me how I fell infact the only person you need to be asking that to is mchsheel mchcool after I get done with her skinny ass tonight. but i can promise you this much cole i don't know or care how she's felling but after my match with her tonight she will never ever be the same again Following that statment mccool an layla atack mickie from behind an mcshell mchcool siad you like talking about me huh "piggy" JAMEZ well will see if you'r talking after our match want we lalya said see you in the they walk away an as they where walking away mickie seem to have small smile on her face as mchcool enter the ring king siad look at that on look up on the titan tron...

j.r said well that layla king said look an that's maria.

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