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The immediacy and impersonal nature of the web turns infidelity into a kind of marital incision: if you want to cheat, you can do it quickly and tidily. According to David Frederick, a professor of health psychology at Chapman University in California and lead researcher on a 2007 infidelity study, while unfaithful men "were looking for sexual variety and excitement", women were more likely to cheat out of emotional frustration and "fall in love with someone else or to look for reassurance that they were still desirable", says Frederick.

This is the thread running through these new infidelity TV dramas and it rings brutally true.

READ MORE: * The most common reasons marriages end * 8 jobs most likely to lead to divorce * 8 habits that lead to divorce, starring English actress Ruth Wilson, reflecting a reality that doesn't always end as badly as it once did in fiction.

As women increasingly find financial independence and confidence, they are realising, usually in their forties, that what's missing from their lives is passion.

Our goal is simple - to add love, romance and fun to the lives of single people.

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may be more alarming to those who thought married men were the brains and loins behind affairs.

I'm surprised it took this long, since the Gundam forum has one that's been going strong for ages (and the previous one was lost during the forum crash way back when)...Meanwhile, a You Gov poll in 2015, found that one in five Brits admit to having had a fling, with a further 13 per cent having considered it.Women were more likely to cheat with a friend, while men favoured work colleagues or strangers. A poll of 1,600 people in 2008 by Saga Zone, a social networking site for over-fifties, found that older people were more likely to take a relaxed view on infidelity - for a variety of reasons: they were raised in more liberal times or know that, given the average two-year span of most affairs, a brief and exciting distraction needn't ruin a lifetime of togetherness.There are always mitigating circumstances of which we may never be aware.Among my friends, who range from 30 to 60, it's not a surprise to find a sea of infidelity.

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