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Due to its fibrous properties, the plant can also be used for handicrafts, ropes and more.

Vetiver in recent years have been used to produce perfumes, creams and soaps.

The vetiver bunch grass has a gregarious habit and grows in tufts.

Shoots growing from the underground crown make the plant frost and wildfire resistant, and allow it to survive heavy grazing pressure.

The plant also penetrates and loosens compacted soils.

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The spikelets are in pairs, and there are three stamens. The root system of vetiver is finely structured and very strong.

Almost all vetiver grown worldwide is vegetatively propagated, bioengineering has shown them as essentially the same nonfertile cultigen by DNA profiling.

In the United States the cultivar is named 'Sunshine,' after the town of Sunshine, Louisiana.

He offered large population of termites the ability to move into the trash cans via another trash can, but found that although the vetiver root completely filled the cans in 6 months, the stakes were still attacked.

The termites had moved around the roots and got to the wood.

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