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In contrast, some people view the practice of those who follow the stringent view and do not shake hands with members of the opposite sex as offensive or discourteous. The case of a woman whose offer of a handshake was politely declined by her real estate agent is discussed by New York Times "Ethicist" Randy Cohen.

The biblical etiology of Maimonide's prohibition is disputed by Nachmanides, who refers to the derivation from Leviticus 18:6 as an asmachta (a rabbinic prohibition with a biblical allusion) and not true exegesis.

Coming up is the 4 year anniversary of the last time I was active in the field so to speak, and I have been thinking off shomer negia.

Actually I always think about it since for me its not that hard.

Others are more lenient, only avoiding purposeful contact.

Adherents of Conservative and Reform Judaism do not follow these laws.

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