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) However building the stubs yourself and finding URLs to invoke is a lot of work that you have to do if you use a pre-built Java library such as Microsoft's own EWS Java API or this 3rd party library.

They both do basically the same thing, which is to expose Java classes in a Jar that allow you to make calls to any Exchange server. My final aim will be to export mails as I don't know enough about each library's details to recommend either one, sorry.

Now, there are various payment gateways available in market you can choose the one which fits your requirements.

The parameter of appropriate selection could be transaction currency, country, transaction fee, withdraw charges, fraud detection and mitigation system, charge back transaction charges, ease of integration etc.

To keep things simple you could also take a page out of the FTP implementation and use two channels per user - one for the text and another for system commands.

JFrame implements Runnable One way to implement this would be to implement some event that contains a list of usernames that is sent to all users every time a user connects/disconnects.

Socket; public class Server Thread extends Thread import

And yes you still have to pass the list to the user - that's what the second paragraph is about.

Then I configured my Outlook client to use the newly created mail on exchange and outlook's Test Email Auto-Configuration windows I tried to retrieve the link for for that client: Then I tried hitting Availability Services url, entered the username and password and it opened following page: I then tried to hit the url specified on that page for service.wsdl, but it gave Page Not Found error. I just looked at your other screenshots above and inferred the same format.

Those then basically only have to deserialize it, check what kind of event they have and handle it accordingly.

Either way you should basically just serialize the event containing all the necessary information and send that to all clients.

Actually I finished basic things and trying to improve it.

Now I wanna trying on making a list which shows who is online.

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