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Slavery was abolished in the UK first, but if you dig a little you'll see its still around. Under international law a person fleeing persecution must seek refuge in the first safe country.

With that in mind how in the hell can Somalis cross over twenty countrys to the UK and have their asylum claims upheld?

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The proposed amendment maybe something along the lines of that they can claim Asylum in the first safe country and then they would be shipped to the nearest country from there to live.

So for example if a Kurdish man claims Asylum in Germany and the Germans say we already have XYZ number of Asylum seekers, we cannot afford any this year, they then discuss with the EU states which country can accommodate the Asylum seeker and then send him there. I'm not sure about evolution par say but this (problem) will solve it's self one way or the other.

I think this is a proposed amendment, but I am not sure, it does make sense to spread them about, otherwise you have countries not being able to cope with the sudden increase in population and other things. People who can afford to leave are doing just that, unless they are gaining from the mess eg Those buying property and renting it out.

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