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They’ll come back for the dramatic experience your words and sentences and paragraphs create.This workshop will help you activate your voice and story with vivid and “in-the-moment” prose.We’ll also discuss head hops and what differentiates a head hop from a signaled point of view shift so that participants will never be confused about that again.

This is particularly true when it comes to showing vs.

Here’s your chance to figure out what is dead and drowsy in your voice, and how to wake it up!

, was released from Belle Books and became a Kindle bestseller.

Of course, this isn’t – for the most part anyway – true.

Nora Roberts may have the occasional head hop as head hops are sneaky, insidious, and creep in when you’re not looking. But by and large the point of view shifts that get Nora her reputation for head hopping aren’t really head hops at all.

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