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Test preparation is obviously crucial, and as professionals, we shouldn’t be put off by the extremely low pass rates.If you’re planning to take the NAATI exam, start preparing early and get as much practice as you possibly can.Have you taken a NAATI test in translation or interpreting? Here’s what Dave Deck from NAATI recently had to say about why candidates fail the test, and what stands out about those who pass.Dave gave a presentation on NAATI test marking at the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters’ annual conference, which was held in Wellington in June 2015.

NAATI conducts tests for translators and interpreters in Australia and New Zealand.Interpreting tests are offered at Professional and Paraprofessional levels, and the tests are pre-recorded.The tests also include a section on ethics for translators and interpreters.Translation is usually only tested at the Professional level.Candidates currently complete the exam using pen and paper, but NAATI is looking into the option of using a keyboard in future.

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