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I knew that our feelings for each other were growing stronger.One night we happened to pull into the garage at the same time to fuel up during a shift.I think deep down we both knew the real reason it wasn’t working out with Kathy. Steve knew the thing with Kathy had to end, he knew what he wanted, and I knew what I wanted too.I would have to end my, very unhappy marriage, and try to escape it to be free.I drove home to my very drunk and unpredictable husband. He looked up at me from his chair, “Dropped your lover and his bird off have we? I’m sorry, but there it is.” He freaked out, “I knew it, you’re fucking him aren’t you, that baby is his, isn’t it, that bastard slept in my house, drank beer with me, and all along you and him were fucking each other behind my back! I need you to find Mark and get him to hospital quickly, may not be much time, I’ll keep ringing around, just get there quick, and safely, ok?” I looked at him, “George, it’s over, I don’t love you. Well, he can have you, I don’t want you, after he’s had you, dirty little slut! ” I was dressed in a shot, my heart pounding, crying and praying to who I don’t know.Shortly afterwards the passenger door of my car opened and a man got in. Additionally some weeks later I discovered I was pregnant.

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He needed to get a grip on things and the relationship would naturally fizzle out.

I could feel the heat from his body as I surrendered completely to the embrace.

In that instant, I knew the feeling’s I had for him were reciprocated.

Kathy, Mark and his girlfriend Louise, plus another driver and his girlfriend all went out to a local pub/club. As they got out of my car Steve said I should get there 20 minutes earlier than they had asked me too, and text him when I got outside.

So I did, and two minutes after I sent the text, Steve came outside alone and got into the front seat.

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