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The game contains Original & Lyoko Fandoms, and all local features, with 2 players, up to 8 players. It works on windows and mac users, while android version might come a bit later.

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On your phone, tablet or television, you no longer have any excuse not to watch a good little episode. You'd rather watch with the original French voices rather than the English? The video leads us in a very nostalgic thematic cruise that will revive a lot of small memories linked to the series.

Aside from this rather anecdotal happening, the prop being sold confirms what we've already more or less guessed: there certainly won't be a season 2 of Code Lyoko Evolution... In the end, we noticed that the video was taken down from the Vimeo account in question. Or does Norimage have some other surprise up their sleeves? Not even "Why did nobody in the world ever die before a return to the past? Well, enough talking, here's the video and thanks Dudu!

As even Norimage is beginning to get rid of its props. "The real question is what all Lyokofans have asked one time or another: Before leaving you to watch, I can already hear the purists thinking: "Bah! Not long after its first announcement, the first prototype of the Fandom Strategy is now available!

Evidently, however, if you're a really dedicated fan and have followed and read this entire website, you'll learn next to nothing...- ...despite our decades of research and writing, the author(s) managed to find facts or supply analyses on certain points that we've never touched on Code

There aren't many of them, but nonetheless: hats off to you!

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