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generally when you see this number, it means to watch out for physical events that are presenting themselves at the moment, and you must be careful." "999 = completion of a particular cycle of events." Stop drinking so much water so you don't have to use the restroom at am .. because think about time zones, while it's for you, somewhere it's , somewhere it's ... I used to be able to hear my next door neighbours alarm clock through the walls of our house (it's an old brick built house as well),and unless I was in full deep sleep it was loud enough to wake me up from light sleep on a few occasions. Carbon is the basis of life, and carbon has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. "999 = completion of a particular cycle of events." THAT IS VERY INTERESTING. A decision to be made and perhaps a completion of a lesson to be learned. I bet if you set the alarm clock for say 3.25 AM and sat up and listened carefully through 3.33,you'd hear some noise maybe even outside of your house at this exact time.Love can be fickle, and we don’t always fall for the right people.Navigating the social ramifications of your relationship while struggling with generation gaps can be tough, but a significant age difference can give you the chance to consider new perspectives and appreciate the offerings of a different generation.

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