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With the increasing speed of new Windows 10 releases, SCCM administrators will be faced with new testing process before deploying to all your users.During this process at a customer, we found an hardware inventory problem affecting only Windows 1607 devices.In case if you come across with the issue where the Config Mgr 2012 SP1 is not gathering the Hardware and software Inventory, following is one incident which I faced.So finally I realized it is due to IIS permission issue. Checked on the client machine, HW inventory report was send successfully.

They confirmed that it’s actually a bug that seems to reside in the latest Windows 10 1607 release.

MIF because it is larger than the defined maximum allowable size of 5000000.

Solution: Increase the maximum allowable size, which is defined in the registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Components\SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER\Max MIF Size (the default is 5 MB), and wait for Inventory Data Loader to retry the operation.” I checked C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\auth\dataldr.box\Process\ file size and saw it was over 5mb but under 7mb.

IIS log ========= 2013-07-11 10.2 BITS_POST /CCM_Incoming/ (bits_error:,403,0×80070005) 80 – 10.2 Microsoft BITS/7.5 – 403 0 0 1 4. Note-By default IUSR user will have Special Permission as showing in the below screen.

(In my case what I suspect is mistakenly someone has deleted this IUSR user account from the CCM incoming Virtual Directory.) So the HW inventory data in the server is not in sync with the delta reports which client is sending, hence the server will issue an inventory resync request to the client.

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