Fisf dating sites key 103 dating

I am looking for a serious relationship and that's hard to find a woman who wants that these days..and there are a LOT of female game players who are bitter and angry and don't know what they want.. they don't even bother reading my profile they just see my face pic and start trying to chat me up even though I say i'm not interested in men.

The site is run by a Nazi who thinks you have to be 'worthy' to be date. And yet i see so many people say they have never found anyone that will go on a date.Mostly what you have is a small pool of people taking turns "dating" each other. I kept changing this things back, petty changes clearly made by someone abusing moderator or admin power.Women on the site are mostly looking for the guy a few notches above them. Perhaps someone hacking but who honestly spends time doing that?I hope that anyone that reads this goes to POF's date site.It is You don't have to register to view the forums and they have about 20 sub forums like dating over 45, single parents, etc.

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