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The first migration he believes took place 6000 years ago (6kya), and the second migration around 3kya.The major problem with this theory is that there is no archaeological evidence of a back migration from Eurasia to Africa.The dating site says human pheromones may allow people to find compatible mates, although the process requires a kick-start to work online — where men and women remain mostly relegated to personality inventories, bios, photos, and favorite quotes as a way to “sniff out” potential mates.In the greater offline world, men depend on visual cues as well as pheromones to find their perfect match.The bearers of R1b1* among the Pygmy populations ranged from 1-25% (Berniell-Lee et al, 2009).The frequency of RL278 among Guinea-Bissau populations was 12%.The discovery of Eurasian "admixture" among Africans is not a recent discovery.

Haplogroup V88 includes the mutations M18, V35, and V7.Cruciani et al claim that the pristine form of R1*M173 was found in Africa.The frequency of Y-chromosome R1*-M173 in Africa ranges between 7-95% and Coia et al said that R1-M173 averages 39.5% in Africa.The idea that Africans fail to carry Neanderthal DNA has recently been proven as wrong.Marc Haber, a British geneticist from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Hinxton, has found that the Touboo in Chad and the Amhara in Ethiopia carry Neanderthal genes.

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