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I asked Muz who the nice man was and she told me it was Mr. The co-worker informed her that the leather wallets were not on sale; but the plastic wallets were.The irate customer said the ad was misleading as it said 'small leather goods.' The clerk informed her that 'Small Leather Goods' is a department and that only the plastic wallets were on sale. Here’s what one reader had to say about The Steak House: I have many fond memories of The Steak House. I remember the checkered table cloths, the fireplace, candles on the tables and Earl’s trophy animals and fish on the walls. We became friends with many of the waitresses and cooks and we still correspond with some of them today!It was a wonderful babysitter - while my mother shopped my brother and I would go up and down the escalator.I can't imagine a mother today leaving her children alone in a big store.Muz proudly introduced me to the gentleman who, I assumed, was some friend of the family.The man nodded with a smile and strode off, greeting others as he went. Gold made a lasting impression on me and made me appreciate family-owned businesses, the merchants who cared deeply for their customers and the communities in which they lived and served.* * *I worked at Gold’s in the mid-1960s. A female customer looked at the wallets, and chose one of leather.However, the floor walker didn't look kindly on us going up-the-down, and vice versa.When we tired of this we went to the lounge on 2nd floor where we watched a very talented and patient lady hand color portraits - there must have been no color photography in those days.

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The next two years I worked in the drapery department installing window shades, drapes and venetian blinds. From that I was able to save enough for my tuition and books. I am grateful to Gold’s for helping me get a college education.

In the late ‘30s my family would occasionally travel from York to Lincoln to shop.

When we heard that M & P was installing an escalator (the first in Nebraska) from the first to second floor I practiced going up only one stair step and standing still, so that I would be ready for the big adventure.

My parents even had to suffer through a couple grade school Christmas plays at Gateway auditorium!

Youngtown (THE toy store of Lincoln then) was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

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