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Religion played an important role in Minoan Crete and many activities, and artistic products revolved around religious cult.As evidence in the art of the period, the Minoans deified the natural world and found in it a logical order that allowed man to live in harmony with the natural environment.Many Orthodox churches still observe Easter in accordance with the Julian calendar, therefore they often follow a different Easter date compared with many western churches.In the Orthodox circles, tensions exist between New Calendarists – those who use the revised Julian calendar for calculating the feasts of the ecclesiastical year – and Old Calendarists – those who continue to use the traditional Julian calendar.In countries such as Greece, the Orthodox Easter Monday is a much more relaxed day when people can wind down or prepare to resume their work or study schedules.For some, it is a reflection of the events that occurred during Holy Week.

Animal and bloodless sacrifices, along with processions were part of ritual worship of the great female nature goddess, and during these festivities worshipers used music, dance, and prayer to achieve a state of religious ecstasy that put them in touch with the supernatural.Copper was a much sought after commodity during this time, and it does not appear naturally in Crete.Most likely the Minoans imported copper from Cyprus.The sacrifice of the bull, and games like the "taurokatharpsia" that revolved around the animal, were central part of the Minoan religious festivals, symbolizing perhaps man's interaction with powerful natural elements, and ultimately his triumph over them through skill and power.Some of the ritual objects that have been unearthed during excavations around Crete include the bull mask, the double axe, and the bull horns.

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