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This all started approximately 45 days back and within no time her condition has increased to a level that we now worry for her life.'Dhanika, who has never been to school due to her family's poverty, was eventually taken to Agartala Government Medical College and Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital in New Delhi where doctors diagnosed her with acute lymphocytic leukemia.

The main treatment for this type of blood cancer is chemotherapy.

'I have no money for her treatment but some people have volunteered to help my daughter.

I owe my life to all of them.'To help Dhanika, you can donate here.

Sufferers might also have targeted cancer drug or steroids.

A local community group the United Tiprasa Forum became aware about Dhanika's condition and have stepped in to help.

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'We went up to see her and were shocked by her condition.

But we have limited funds, we hope people come forward to help this little girl get some help.'After her diagnosis, Dhanika was referred to Dr Bhubhneshwar Barooah Cancer Institute, in Guwahati, approximately 550km (963 miles) from Agartala, where she is being treated.

Medical oncologist Dr Munilima Hazarika said: 'Her condition is still critical.

I am so poor that I could not even send my children to school.

'I have done everything I could but still her survival chances seem low.

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