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Each bottle measures 2 x 2 3/8 inches at widest base points, height is 2 7/8 inches. Yes, one would expect it to be purple and perhaps time has changed the color because this stain is definitely grey-ish black.

Base of bottle is embossed: Hunt Mfgr Co, Statesville North Carolina, Speedball USA, Measures 2.25 dia and is 2.25 inches tall. Werer Co Waterproof Drawing Ink, clear oz dropper bottle with black and white elaborate label. Some specks of ink on the label, but overall not too bad and quite unusual. early 1950s, clear glass rectangular bottle with ribbed sides, black metal screw on lid with Parker imprint in silver. Blue Black, no ink, Illustration of Parker 51 fountain pen on label.

Black metal screw on lid has a few light rust spots. Square bottle was originally filled with Carter's Koal Black Ink, there is some very black ink dust in the bottle. Great illustrated label in soft yellow, light and dark blue and metallic gold. I1618 Parker Super Quink Ink, Permanent Black, 2.5 ounce bottle, opaque black plastic bottle with black plastic screw on lid. About half full of what seems to be good usable black Parker ink. I1624 Diamond Violet Special Fountain Pen Ink No. late 1920s, clear square 2 ounce bottle has beautiful embossed Ink in diamond shape on three sides. Perfect label in dark blue, white, yellow and vivid red. It reads from left to right: Pure Brilliant Reliable and Opaque. Bright yellow, red and black label in excellent condition. Bright yellow, red and black label light ink stain on bottom edge of label near center. 146, cylindrical clear glass bottle, no cap, Original label is in excellent condition and preserved with a clear protective sleeve wrapped around the bottle. 166-7, clear glass two ounce bottle, cork stopper with black hard rubber top is embossed: Carter INX Products.

Label has a small tear in upper right corner and you can see where some Midnight Black ink dripped down the left side of label in days gone by. Black hexagonal stopper is marked Carter INX Products, the stopper was once detached from the cork and has been re-glued, I don't think I'd be opening it too gingerly. The back of the label has detailed instructions in fine print for use, also another fine print panel with Other Uses for Spotty Racer including washing windows and cleaning bathroom fixtures. Bottle measures 1.75 in diameter and is 3 5/8 in tall. Weber Waterproof Pigment Drawing Ink Sepia - Brown - Pardo. Once filled with Ryto Blue-Black Ink, all that remains now is a hint of ink dust in the bottom of bottle. Once filled with Ryto Blue-Black Ink, all that remains now is a hint of ink dust in the bottom of bottle. Three sided label in pastel blue, bright red, white and black.

The lid is embossed Stephens’ in script across the top.

The dark blue and white label indicates these are No.

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