Dating justin scarlett

Adrienne was hurt, but was still in love with Justin.

In 1987, Justin and Adrienne married in Greece, yet once they returned to Salem things became rocky.

In an attempt to get back at his uncle Justin hired a hooker name Yvette Du Prs to seduce his uncle and con him into believing she was a wealthy baroness.

Victor eventually learned the truth and was furious with him.

While catching up with Victor, Bo and Hope, he mentioned that Adrienne and his children were fine, although Jackson was the only one of their sons still living at home with them.

Later, however, when Justin talked with Hope in private, he admitted that he and Adrienne were having marital problems.

Justin then set Angelica up in a lavish penthouse apartment.

Later Justin was almost killed when Emilio tried to get revenge on him by cutting the brakes in his car.Adrienne began having an affair with the Kiriakis stable hand Emilio Ramirez.Justin was furious at this and arranged for Emilio to be killed in an accident, but Justin ended up getting caught in his own trap and was paralyzed.Justin enjoyed the high life, and the ladies, and had a brief fling with Angelica Deveraux when he first came to town.Justin soon met and fell in love with Adrienne Johnson.

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