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Thomas could be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life, according to his aunt.Adam Lee Thomas, 28, and Denise Rae Watson, 26, are each facing life in prison for their alleged involvment in the abuse.

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From our experience, the health service is less attuned both to recognising and supporting male victims and to recognising male vulnerability more widely.he new role does come with risk though for male victims and providers, depending on the views of the post holder.It would be a real concern if the Commissioner held an ideological view about domestic abuse, held by many, which is broadly that domestic abuse is a gendered crime based on patterns of global discrimination and oppression that female victims face.Many existing female-only services are now opening their doors to male victims – offering different types of support – an approach we believe is vital.A one size fits all blancmange of services will not work for men or women.

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