Asp net webservice not updating

To help ensure that you create efficient Web services, there are a number of issues that you must consider and a number of decisions that you must make at design time.

The following are major considerations: Design chunky interfaces by exposing Web methods that allow your clients to perform single logical operations by calling a single Web method. Instead, provide methods that accept multiple parameters to reduce roundtrips.

NET Framework, ease of deployment and maintenance make Web services a very attractive approach.

This chapter begins by examining the architecture of ASP.

To get the most out of this chapter: The server-side infrastructure is based on ASP. When the Web server processes an HTTP request for a Web service, Internet Information Services (IIS) maps the requested extension (.asmx) to the ASP.

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See Figure 10.1 for an illustration of the Web services architecture and request flow. NET Web services architecture and request flow The request is initially passed to the Http Application object, followed by the series of registered Http Module objects.

Although object orientation provides a pure view of what a system should look like and is effective for producing logical models, an object-based approach can fail to consider real-world factors, such as physical distribution, trust boundaries, and network communication, as well as nonfunctional requirements, such as performance and security.

Table 10.1 summarizes some key differences between object orientation and service orientation. Service Orientation Common application boundaries include platform, deployment, trust, and evolution.

NET Web services, and then explains the anatomy of a Web services request from both the client and server-side perspectives.

You need a solid understanding of both client and server to help you identify and address typical Web services performance issues.

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