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I feel it will be relegated to my bathroom shelf for guests to use freely or as an air freshener. A lot of sweet-ish and lightly spicy white floral soapiness with unique, perfumery quality twist to it. Mugler Cologne is essentially a very sweet, soapy neroli atop a white musk base.

The secret 'S note' (the 's' stands for 'stupid marketing idea') is vetiver.

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Soap, Shower, Steam, Sex..perhaps a Secluded meadow among green grass & trees with leaves fluttering in the breeze? To be worn with a cheeky smile or grin (nothing else required, all else is entirely optional). Recently, bought a new bottle at Duty Free, with a renewed packaging, new MUGLER signature and a little changed box all around, there is no longer this old school information tag on top of the bottle, now it has a sticker on the bottom side.

Indeed, Angel has changed beyond recognition now, being too heady and not as long lasting as the original.

I was scared to revisit something that was so beautiful to me all those years ago.

I needn't have worried because as soon as I spritzed I knew that very little had changed. BUT it lasts only 15 minutes and disappears very quickly.

This is a beautiful cologne, fresh, sweet and uplifting. Today I was wearing Gucci Bloom and layered it with TM Cologne, WOW!!! I imagine that this will layer well with many green florals. I don't see the point of a fragrance that is so short lived. (I got mine direct from Mugler) This is light,clean,crisp n fresh scent ....

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